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FS² offers continuing education classes for AIA Continuing Education Unit credits. 


The classes are conducted at your site, are informative, and interactive.  


Below is a list of our current teaching topics.  We are happy to craft a firm specific presentation, and seek AIA approval, upon request.


Contact us to schedule a class for your firm. 

Elevator Applications & Developing Technologies                                             Class D400253013, 1 LU

(Elevator 101)


This course discusses elevator applications, design and planning criteria, as well as emerging technologies and trends.  The information is intended to educate designers on product selection and specification. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the various types of elevators offered in the market.   

  • Know when to apply each product type.   

  • Initiate space planning using design criteria provided.     

  • Understand developing technologies and how they will affect project designs.


Elevating the High Rise Tower                                                                                      Class D400052814, 1 LU

This course discusses vertical transportation strategies for high rise towers, and how to balance the building efficiency while providing a quality experience for those that live and work in high rise buildings.  This course will also include a strategy for improving life safety for persons within the tall tower.


Learning Objectives:

  • Increase a building’s efficiency by minimizing the core space dedicated to vertical transportation.

  • Apply elevator technology in new ways to overcome design challenges.

  • Become aware of how vertical transportation planning affects the passenger’s experience.

  • Plan emergency evacuation strategies using “Life Boat” design.


Vertical Transportation: Life Safety Strategies                                                    Class D4001052813, 1 LU|HSW

This course discusses the life safety strategies associated with the design of vertical transportation.  Concepts include requirements of U.S. and international vertical transportation codes, as well as the requirements of the International Building Code. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the Life Safety Elements associated with Vertical Transportation.

  • Apply different Life Safety design practices for domestic and international projects based on prevailing code.

  • Be aware of the new concept for emergency evacuation in tall towers.

  • Be aware of vertical transportation planning coordination required between design disciplines.


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