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Fortune Shepler Saling Incorporated
John Saling


During his +25 year career Saling has gained experience in virtually every aspect of the elevator industry - from Service to Sales and Field Operations, to new installation planning and design to architectural details and finishes. 


Prior to partnering with Fortune and Shepler, John held positions in New York City with major OEM companies in New Construction field operations and sales.


Saling appreciates the variety of experiences that have come his way in the elevator industry, valuing each for the added depth and insight they bring to the solution to the next challenge.    During Saling's tenure with an international elevator consulting firm he had the opportunity to contribute to major domestic projects as well as work with NYC-based design teams on significant projects in the Middle East and Asia.  


Saling's FS² experience includes notable projects such as Expo 2017 in Astana, Crown Tower in Sydney, and 11 Times Square in New York.   


John and his wife Alison have two children.  Outside of work they enjoy biking, cooking, antiquing and traveling all over the country to watch their kids play soccer.


Saling has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Brown University and an Masters of Business Administration from Colombia University.

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