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Self Supported


Self Supported MRLs provide the advantages of a machine-room-less solution with less structural requirements.  


The products require a pit, hoistway, less overtravel than Building Supported MRLs.  As with the Building Supported products, the provision for a control space is recommended within the U.S.  Outside of the U.S., the controller is placed within an entrance jamb, eliminating the need for a separate control space.


This lighter duty aspect of the product comes with some design limitations.  Depending on the product, the car interior maybe smaller, and the cab interior design flexibility is limited.  Also, some products may require additional interfloor structural supports for the guiderails.    


In our opinion, the Self Supported application is a hydraulic elevator replacement, for:

  • Accessibility within low rise buildings.   

  • Block or poured concrete hoistways

  • Residential Buildings

  • Within a Retail Space




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