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Hotel Projects



Below are some basic design guidelines for initial the core planning of a hotel project.  These guidelines are discussed in further detail in our AIA Continuing Education presentations.


                       Core Planning                                                                 Recommended Applications

   1 Passenger Elevator per 100 Rooms                                   Capacity:  3000-3500lbs. (1350-1600kg)

                                                                                                      Speed:      350-1200fpm (1.75-6.0mps)

                                                                                                      Type:         Overhead Gearless, Building Supported MRL


   1 Service Elevator  for every 2 Passenger Elevators          Capacity:   4000-5000lbs. (1800-2000kg)

                                                                                                      Speed:       350-1000fpm (1.75-5.0mps)

                                                                                                      Type:         Overhead Gearless, Building Supported MRL


Most hotel brands have design guidelines addressing their vertical transportation needs.  We suggest review of these guidelines which will take precedent over the above. 

Individual site conditions may affect the above guidelines:


  • Most hotel operators Design Criteria or Standards require an elevator analysis to ensure the vertical transportation strategy will meet their specificed Performance Criteria.


  • Mixed-use projects often place the hotel above an office zone.  Such projects require review of both the Express Shuttle Elevator requirements and the Back-of-House service requirements.  In such instances, the above service elevator criteria is only applicable to service elevators in the local zone.  


  • Many hotels have podium floors with meeting rooms, ballrooms, and guest amenities such as fitness/spa, restaurants and retail spaces.  The podium floors create additional stops and an express run for the passenger elevators which can result in additional elevators. 




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