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Residential Projects



Below are some basic design guidelines for initial the core planning of a residential project.  These guidelines are discussed in further detail in our AIA Continuing Education presentations.


                       Core Planning                                                                 Recommended Applications

   1 Passenger Elevator per 100-125 Bedrooms                     Capacity:  2500-3000lbs. (1275-13500kg)

                                                                                                      Speed:      350-1200fpm (1.75-6.0mps)

                                                                                                      Type:         Overhead Gearless, Building Supported MRL


   1 Dedicated Service Elevator for Luxury Properties           Capacity:   4000-4500lbs. (1800-2000kg)

   1 Dedicated Service Elevator for Large Properties             Speed:       350-1000fpm (1.75-5.0mps)

        (300-350 units)                                                                   Type:         Overhead Gearless, Building Supported MRL

   1 Swing Passenger/Service for Mid-level/

        Smaller Properties

Individual site conditions may affect the above guidelines:


  • The residential unit mix and targeted residents will influence the desired level of quality and elevator performance expections.  


  • Mixed-use projects typically place the residential zone above the office and/or hotel zone.  Such designs may merit consideration of a residential sky lobby, or require additional elevators to meet the performance expectations.


  • Depending on the level of project quality, and project location, dedicated back-of-house service elevator(s) may be appropriate.  Alternatively, a swing service elevator may be necessary to minimize the core planning.


Based on our experiences with elevating residential projects in the U.S., Singapore, China, India and the Middle East, we recognize that the cultural expectations have an influence in the final vertical transportation design.   






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